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Client Wardrobe

I have been adding beautiful maternity gowns, dresses and children's outfits to my client wardrobe for several years now. These pieces have been sourced from all over the world, and are complimentary to borrow for your maternity, newborn or family session.

Book an Appointment:

You can book an appointment to try on dresses a week or two before your session - just reach out via email and we'll decide on a suitable date and time. Once you've chosen your outfit you can then plan your partner and/or children's outfits to compliment yours.

Here is a selection of what is on offer:

Favourite Shops for Women

(Affordable, elegant dresses that can be worn again)

Affordable, on-trend styles, go-to for boho maxi dresses)

(An ethically conscious Australian brand)

(Organic & ethically made, Australian)

(Affordable, on-trend fashion, Australian)

(Best-selling Australian boutique fashion label)

(Romantic & bohemian fashion pieces, Australian)

(Designed slowly and consciously in Australia)


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