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Children's Closet

So many cute outfit's for little ones! My studio is fully equipped with a variety of props, headbands, bonnets and outfits for newborns, babies and young children. They are available for clients to use during their newborn, milestone and family sessions. Sizes range from 000 to 18 months for babies or toddlers. I also have a small selection of girl's dresses (sizes 2 to 8) and a few boys outfits.

I've been adding to the collection for over 10 years now and have come across some lovely retailers in Australia and New Zealand. I love warm, natural tones that allow the focus to remain on your little one. Textures, particularly in the form of knits and weaves create depth and interest. Most items are made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool - which is perfect for sensitive skin!

Here is a sample of what is on offer:

My Favourite Shops for Children

(Adorable cosy knits, baby essentials and gifts, Australia)

(Organic baby clothes, essentials & gifts, Australia)

(Melbourne based baby & children's knitwear)

Clothing a& knitwear made from the softest & gentlest materials, Australia)

(Vintage inspired, timeless organic baby & kids clothing, New Zealand)

(Handmade vintage-inspired knits, Australia)


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